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All-Natural, cruelty-free, Long-lasting, 'made' in the USA, and hypoallergenic


Our high quality North American Elk antlers are a chomp of luxury for a very happy pup.  

Crafted from antlers shed naturally by elk and collected in the rocky mountains, antler chews are one of the best all-natural and sustainable dog chews. Available both split and whole, the antlers can last from weeks to months, are splinter-proof, and keep your dog happily chewing away while benefiting from the mineral and vitamin content, nutrients, and teeth cleaning.

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1. Make sure you buy size appropriate!

Bigger antlers will last your dog longer and prevent choking hazards. When in doubt, buy bigger! For more guidance on the right size for your dog, please click the button below

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2. Split vs. Whole - which should you choose? 

Split antlers are made from a much larger whole piece that we have sawed down the middle to expose the tasty marrow. Splits are great for dogs that aren't quite as hard of chewers as those that can get through anything. 

Whole antlers are the toughest. They are best for power chewers that can work through any other chew toy. 

🦴Are Antler Dog Chews Safe? Yes! Antler dog chews are safe for your dog to chew because they don't split or splinter like a beef bone. They also don't have any fat in the marrow so they don't cause massive stomach upset as your dog chews. Always make sure that you pick an antler dog chew that is appropriate for your dog's size, take it away if it gets too small, and always supervise your dog while they chew!

🦴Do Antler Dog Chews Go Bad? Elk antlers for dogs an extremely long shelf life... if left in their natural state; out of sun and away from moisture- they really dont break down. This is due to the fact that they don't have any moisture in them. In order to keep your antler from going bad, please keep out of direct sun and away from moisure. And if your antler starts to smell or otherwise seem like it has picked up some funk- please discard and get a new one!

🦴Do Antler Dog Chews Splinter? No- unlike beef bones- elk antlers do not splinter or shard. This has to do with the actual make up of the outer portion of the antler- called the cortex.

🦴Are Antler Dog Chews Safe For Puppies? Yes! Antlers are great for puppies because they are super easy on their stomachs, keep them busy and out of trouble, and the marrow gets pretty soft for puppy teeth.

🦴What Are Antler Dog Chews Made Of? Antlers are made mostly of calcium. They also contain iron, magnesium, phosphate, and naturally occuring glucosamine.

🦴When Should I Take An Antler Away From My Dog? Elk horns are safe to keep around your dog all the time. They can come and go and chew on the antler whenever they feel like it. At our house... the living room is always littered with a few antlers. Antlers should be taken away if it gets too small and your dog thinks they could swallow it. Additionally, if you have the kind of dog that does not quit chewing- please make sure that you are giving it and taking it away for appropriate intervals.

🦴Why Do Dogs Like Antlers? Dogs love to chew! Chewing releases feel good hormoes that relax your dog, ease anxiety, and relieve boredom. They love to chew antlers because the marrow tastes delicious to them. When the antlers are growing, they are filled with vessels and when the antlers harden the vessels try up in there and your dog can smell them!

🦴How Long Do Antler Dog Chews Last? Whole elk antlers last longer than splits. A whole elk antler dog chew will last the typical chewer around 3-6 months while a split elk antler will last the typical chewer 3-6 weeks!

🦴What Type And Size Antler Should I Get For My Dog? We have a handy shop by dog size feature in the top menu on this page. Typically our antlers correspond to dog size- so a large needs needs a large antler and a small dog needs a small antler. Choose a whole antler if your dog needs the durability and can chew through anything. Choose the split if your dog is a regular to light chewer. We only sell elk antlers for dogs. This is because we have found elk to be the safest and most delicious for your dog. Moose antlers are typically either too hard or too hollow for your dog depending on what part of the antler is cut. The dogs love the marrow and moose just don't have as much tasty marrow. Deer chews for dogs tend to be too skinny for dogs. While they arent able to snap pieces off, your dog might think that it can because the diameter is so much smaller than an elk antler.

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