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All-Natural, cruelty-free, Long-lasting, 'made' in the USA, and hypoallergenic


Our high quality North American Elk antlers are a chomp of luxury for a very happy pup.  

Crafted from antlers shed naturally by elk and collected in the rocky mountains, antler chews are one of the best all-natural and sustainable dog chews. Available both split and whole, the antlers can last from weeks to months, are splinter-proof, and keep your dog happily chewing away while benefiting from the mineral and vitamin content, nutrients, and teeth cleaning.

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1. Make sure you buy size appropriate!

Bigger antlers will last your dog longer and prevent choking hazards. When in doubt, buy bigger! For more guidance on the right size for your dog, please click the button below

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2. Split vs. Whole - which should you choose? 

Split antlers are made from a much larger whole piece that we have sawed down the middle to expose the tasty marrow. Splits are great for dogs that aren't quite as hard of chewers as those that can get through anything. 

Whole antlers are the toughest. They are best for power chewers that can work through any other chew toy.