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Need something a little special for your pup? Bully sticks are a great supplement to the chew collection and a softer option for older pups and younger teeth alike. Braided bully sticks are stretched thin for comfortable chewing.


Ours are especially high quality, having been thoroughly washed and dried in a way that creates an odorless product. Chemical free and full of nutrients, our bully sticks make a great choice for dog owners who love to shower their pups with delicious and healthy chews they can feel good about.

All-Natural with no chemicals, dyes, or preservatives


Independently verified for quality and safety

full of beneficial ingredients like protein, iron, and collagen. 

What Makes Our Bully Sticks So Much Better?

How They Are Made

Our bully sticks are sourced from a company that takes quality seriously. The pizzle is immediately refrigerated instead of being allowed to dry out in the sun like a lot of other manufacturers. The pizzle is then washed in hot water (no chemicals) and then baked vertically so that more of the odor-causing components can drain out. 

Our bully sticks are sourced from South America from grass-fed cattle. Bully sticks made from grass-fed bulls results in a much leaner bully stick that is far less greasy than a bully stick made from a grain-fed bull. 


We don't source bully sticks from the USA because 95% of the cattle production here is grain-fed. Sourcing them from South America actually results in a much higher quality product.  

Have more questions about bully sticks? Please don't hesitate to reach out

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