Bully Stick Chews

All-Natural with no chemicals, dyes, or preservatives


Independently verified for quality and safety

full of beneficial ingredients like protein, iron, and collagen. 

Our bully sticks are sourced from a company that takes quality seriously. The pizzle is immediately refrigerated instead of being allowed to dry out in the sun like a lot of other manufacturers. The pizzle is then washed in hot water (no chemicals) and then baked vertically so that more of the odor-causing components can drain out. 

Our bully sticks are sourced from South America from grass-fed cattle. Bully sticks made from grass-fed bulls results in a much leaner bully stick that is far less greasy than a bully stick made from a grain-fed bull. 


We don't source bully sticks from the USA because 95% of the cattle production here is grain-fed. Sourcing them from South America actually results in a much higher quality product.  

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