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Monster Antler


Our Biggest Antler Ever!

Monster sized antler chew perfect for larger to monster breed dogs... Or any dog who thinks he's up for the challenge! All Natural USA grade A/#1 craft grade antler makes the perfect mess free, non-allergenic, odorless treat for dogs.

Approximately 12-16 ounces and 11-16 inches long.

• 100% All Natural
• Made from USA elk shed antler-No harm to the animal!
• Cleans teeth
• Aids in Kidney function
• Beneficial to joints
• Odor free
• Non-allergenic
• Natural source of minerals such as:
o Calcium-helps maintain bones and teeth
o Potassium-good for nerve and muscle function
o Magnesium-aids in storage and release of energy
o Phosphorus-helps maintain bones and teeth
o Iron-essential for healthy red blood cells
o Glucosamine-helps maintain joint fluid and tissue; guards against arthritis

Please supervise all chewing and take away from pet if antler presents choking hazard.