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Its the big one... meant for big dogs who mean business. 


This listing is for a SPLIT antler- we've never offered these on our website before now! 


Colossal-sized antler dog chews are perfect for the biggest dogs and most aggressive chewers... the longevity of an antler comes from its weight, so this antler will last the longest! All Natural USA grade A/#1 craft grade antler makes the perfect mess-free, non-allergenic, an odorless chew treat for dogs.


Some days are destined to be particularly great. For your dog those days involve a long walk, a nap, and watching with anticipation as you open a brand new elk antler chew. Packed with minerals and nutrients, healthy for doggy teeth, and just plain fun to chew on, our antler chews are sustainably sourced from naturally shed antlers here in the USA. Your dog will love spending hours chomping on this high quality chew and you’ll love that something so healthy makes them so happy. It’s really a win-win. Whole antlers are especially good for adult dogs with strong jaws. If your dog is still a pup or if he’s on the older side and needs a slightly easier-to-chomp snack, check out our split antler dog chews.

Approximately 1.1-1.5 lbs each and 12-16 inches long. Antlers are sold by the piece, this listing is for 1 antler.



  •  100% All Natural
  • Made from USA elk shed antler-No harm to elk!
  • Cleans teeth
  • Aids in Kidney function
  • Beneficial to joints
  • Odor-free
  • Non-allergenic
  • Natural source of minerals such as:
    • Calcium-helps maintain bones and teeth
    • Potassium-good for nerve and muscle function
    • Magnesium-aids in storage and release of energy
    • Phosphorus-helps maintain bones and teeth
    • Iron-essential for healthy red blood cells
    • Glucosamine-helps maintain joint fluid and tissue; guards against arthritis


Please supervise all chewing and take away from pet if antler presents choking hazard.



Colossal SPLIT Elk Antler Dog Chew

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