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Our high quality North American Elk antlers are a chomp of luxury for a very happy pup.  

Crafted from antlers shed naturally by elk and collected in the rocky mountains, antler chews are one of the best all-natural and sustainable dog chews. Available both split and whole, the antlers can last from weeks to months, are splinter-proof, and keep your dog happily chewing away while benefiting from the mineral and vitamin content, nutrients, and teeth cleaning.

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🧀What is a Himalayan Yak Chew? Hardened yak milk chese

🧀 How are yak chews made?

🧀How Long Do Yak Chews Last?

🧀How Do I Make A Yak Chew Cheese Puff?

🧀Are Yak Chews Safe For Dogs?

🧀How Often Can I Give My Dog Himalayan Yak Cheese Chews?

🧀Why Do Dogs Like Yak Chews? Dogs love to chew! Chewing releases feel good hormoes that relax your dog, ease anxiety, and relieve boredom. They love to chew yak chews because the cheese tastes delicious to them.

🧀When Can Puppies Have Yak Chews?

🧀What Size Yak Chew Should I Get For My Dog? We have a handy shop by dog size feature in the top menu on this page. Typically our yak chews correspond to dog size- so a large needs needs a large chew and a small dog needs a small chew.

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