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A little about me and the people who take care of me...


My name is Cooper, I'm a yellow labrador retriever and a total badass. I like to run, swim, hike, chase birds, and nap on the couch... sometimes I work- but mostly I leave that up to my humans... they've coined me 'the bum CEO' due to my total lack in work ethic here at Summit Antler Chews. If an order needs to be put together, they can count on me to eat half the antlers out of the box before it ships... I call it quality control, they call it a 'nuisance.' Whatever... I'm the boss. 

It all started when...

Sitting on a ski lift in Utah winter of 2011 my parents decided they needed a dog to take with them on all their outdoor pursuits. They live a very active life and wanted a four-legged best friend to join in all of the many adventures. In November 2012 they brought home the cutest puppy the world has ever seen (ME!) and that's when life got really good... I'm pretty sure. I quickly became very chewy and they spent a lot of time looking for healthy chew toys that would make me happy and save their furniture (little did they know a short time later all 100lbs of me would ruin it all anyway! ha!) 


They noticed I really preferred to gnaw on all the decorative shed antlers that they had collected on past hiking and biking trips and had placed around the house. After extensive research on antlers, they discovered that not only are the antlers delicious to dogs and wolves alike they are packed full of health aiding benefits like calcium and minerals and even clean teeth.


Seeing the excitement and happiness of watching me chew on antlers spurred the idea for Summit Antler Chews. My parents are dedicated to providing our customers with the same high-quality antlers they would give me... And me? I'm fully dedicated to making their lives full of fun every day... and of course antler quality control! 


Please feel free to contact us anytime with any questions or comments.


Patrick and Anjalyn Rosevear

(406) 570-6245

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