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Bundles are the perfect way to sample the chews and treats that are perfect for your dog! This puppy bundle can be customized to be the perfect size for any puppy. Totally giftable and enjoyable for any pup!


Each puppy bundle includes:


  • 2 standard bully sticks in either 6" or 12" lengths
    • Perfect for saving your furniture from puppy teeth
  • 2x braided bully sticks in either 6" or 12" lengths
    • These bully sticks are streched before they are braided. This makes them a little more gentle for puppies.
  • 1 split elk antler in your choice of small, medium, or large
    • Split elk antlers have exposed marrow which gets soft and is perfect for puppy teeth
    • All-natural and long-lasting these antlers will not hurt your puppies stomach or cause digestive issues. 
    • Will not splinter. Unlike bones found inside the body- antlers will not splinter or split as your dog chews. This makes them safer than other bones and chews.
  • 1x Treat Bag 
    • Choose one of our best selling treat packs: Cod Skin snacks, salmon says bone shaped treats, or yam jams
    • Single and limited ingredient
    • Healthy
    • Made in the USA
    • These treats are perfect for puppies because they can be easily broken into much smaller bits for training sessions



Puppy Bundle


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    dog with all natural healthy odor free bully stick

    Who Are We?


    We believe the best is all-natural, limited ingredient, USA made products that are biologically appropriate for your dog. That chews and treats should be as beneficial as they are delicious. 

    We offer the best products at the best prices.

    Free shipping $55+ and free returns. Total happiness guaranteed. 

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    dog with high quality elk antler dog chew