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Why Are Antlers Considered 'Sustainable'?

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

You have often heard us refer to our antlers as all-natural and cruelty-free but did you know that they are also eco-friendly and sustainable?

Keep reading to find out how and why!

Eco-Friendly Dog Company

To define 'sustainable', we must first differentiate it from ‘eco-friendly’. Eco-friendly in product labeling means that is was manufactured or produced in such a way that does not cause harm to the environment. Examples of this are products that can be made with solar power, passive or minimal energy, no chemicals or fertilizers, and harvested without needed a lot of fuel.

All of the products that we carry are eco-friendly.

Bully Sticks

The bully sticks we carry are a byproduct of an animal that was harvested. It is considered green to use as much of the resource as possible.

Yak Chews

Our yak chews are eco-friendly because they are all-natural.

They also require very little energy to make as they are handmade from an ancient recipe in Nepal.

All-Natural Treats

All of our treats are considered eco-friendly because they are single/few ingredients, and all-natural. Our Polkadog chews are also sustainable in that they come from protein/animal sources that are completely renewable and sustainable.

Additionally, the way we ship, our packaging, and how we conduct our business is also very eco-friendly.

Sustainable products are all eco-friendly, but not all eco-friendly products are sustainable. 

We can call our antlers eco-friendly because there is not really a manufacturing process. We find them in the woods after elk have shed them so we don't need factories or much energy to 'make' them.

Sustainability Of Antler Dog Chews

Sustainability takes eco-friendly much further and has much higher standards. Sustainable products include eco-friendly products but it also means that the manufacturing process does not compromise the ability of future generations to manufacture or produce those same goods. 

Male elk grow and shed a set of antlers every year. So every season when we find sheds- that does not mean that there will be fewer sheds to find the next year... the supply of sheds is completely renewable as long as elk populations thrive. The way we find sheds and what we give back to preserve elk habitat makes our company and product sustainable.


It is hard to say what we do now will have a real impact on future generations beyond our lifetime but it's worth a shot to be conscientious about it! And furthermore, it has never been easier. Choosing USA made products, shipping in recyclable envelopes, and giving back to organizations who aim to protect the things we love, are all pretty passive in the scheme of things.

We thank you for supporting our small company and our values!

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