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The Best Chew Toys For Puppies - As ranked by my puppy Millie

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Salmon chips in a toy make one of the best chew toys for puppies
My puppy Millie and her salmon chips

We brought home a new puppy a few months ago and started introducing every chew and product we have... some because we love her and a lot because she is chewing EVERYTHING in our house. It has honestly given me new appreciation for just how awesome our products are for dogs. I am reminded of the original journey that served as the catalyst for this company- our puppy Cooper was the same way and wouldn't stop chewing our shed antlers- this led to lots of research and after we discovered how beneficial it was for him to chew these antlers... we were off to the races!

In this blog post I am going to rank Millie's top 3 products that we sell that are the best chew toys for puppies. And although I only list 3, she really hasn't found a product that we sell that she doesn't like... I just listed the top 3 that she prefers over my shoes and my kids toys, haha.

1. Split Antler Dog Chews

Specifically, she likes the one that Cooper is chewing... something about it being her big brothers makes it worth stealing instead of picking up the MANY more we have around our house... little sisters, amiright?

puppy with antler dog chew.
Millie and a split elk antler dog chew

Millie, at 5 months old weighs about 40lbs. She will be an 80lb dog when she is all grown up. I like to give her medium or large size splits- I could give her something smaller but because they last so long, I like to give her a size that will be appropriate as she grows. Additionally, our lab Cooper is about 90lbs and I want everything in the house to be safe for him too. We don't buy any toys or give her any chews that could harm Cooper. I always tell my customers- the smallest antler needs to be safe for your biggest dog!

2. Salmon Chips

Her favorite treat that we have given her seems to be the salmon chips. I love these for her because their square shape fits perfectly in her orbee tuff ball and it makes it a little game for her to get them out. They are also great for training because they can be broken up into little bits so she doesn't get too full during training sessions.

I also love that they have Omega 3 fatty acids because it makes her coat soft and shiny.

3. Odor Free Braided Bully Sticks

She likes any bully stick... I like the odor free kinds for her so that she can chew them in the house without stinking us out... It also happens to be the only kind we sell. I also like the braided kind for her because they are a bit better for puppies. The bully sticks are stretched before they are braided so while they last a long time, they have a little bit more give than a traditional bully stick.

In conclusion, all of our products are great for dogs and puppies because they are made with only high quality, beneficial ingredients that serve 2 purposes. The first, being to bring your dog entertainment and joy, and second to benefit their health and promote a long and happy life! Cheers to millie, making it through the puppy stage, and almost 10 years in business!

4. Himalayan Yak Cheese Chews

Millie loves the yak chews! They taste like cheese and stand up to her puppy teeth. She can chew for as long as she wants because it is all natural and digestible. Because it is long-lasting, she never really consumes that much during a chew session but it keeps her busy for a long time!

Like the antlers, it doesn't leave a stinky gooey mess where she is chewing- and I love that! And the best part is that when it gets chewed down to a size I feel like is too small for her, I microwave it and make a crunchy cheese puff for her to enjoy! Want the recipe? I linked it here: How To Make A Yak Puff.

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