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What is a Himalayan Yak Chew?

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

The short answer is that it is a dried yak cheese bar!

The long answer is that they are long-lasting, all natural chews for dogs made from dried yak cheese. The yak milk is dried using an ancient recipe which leaves behind a hardened gold bar of delicious goodness your dog is going to love! Yak chews are some of our best selling chews!

Himalayan yak chews last longer than a bully stick but not as long as an antler (especially a whole one). They are completly digestible and free from harsh preservatives or additives. The ingredients are yak cheese and a little bit of salt and lime to keep them fresh.

The best part about Himalayan yak chews is that as you dog is chewing, if they get a piece of the yak chew off- you can soak it for a few minutes and microwave until it puffs up into a cheesy puff for your dog! Crunchy cheese puffs are one of my dogs favorite treats and it makes the entire yak chew usable!

To shop our Himilayan Yak Cheese Chews below! We also have bulk options with extra savings!

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