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How To Make A Yak Cheese Puff

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

The ends of the yak chews that usually are discarded can be turned into a crunchy cheese puff your dog will love!

To make one, just soak a small piece of the yak chew in water for a few minutes and then microwave- start with 30 seconds and then increase the time until desired puffiness is achieved.

Here's a video:

Dog can't wait to get a cheese puff before chewing a whole Himalayan Cheese Chew? No problem! We sell them! You can buy pre-made puffs!

We also sell our yak chews in bulk now so you can stock up for extra savings! Yak chew size corresponds to dog size, check out the listings for more specific weight ranges.

Buy your yak chews here:

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