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Transforming Our Senior Dog's Life with Librela: A Remarkable Journey

Updated: Jun 26

yellow lab holding a deer antler chew in his mouth. Taken in Summit County, Utah.
12 years young - back to shed hunting for all of our incredible dog chews we find for your dogs!

Four months ago, our beloved senior yellow lab Cooper began a new chapter in his life—one filled with renewed vitality and joy, thanks to a once monthly injectable medication called Librela. Cooper, who had been slowing down due to aging and osteoarthritic pain, has experienced a transformative journey that has left us in awe of the power of modern veterinary medicine!

Cooper's Story Before Librela

As Cooper has entered his golden years, we noticed subtle changes in his behavior and mobility. He seemed less eager to play, struggled with stiffness after walks, and appeared generally less comfortable. He struggled to find a comfortable position to sleep in and would take a few days to recuperate after an especially active day. Like any concerned pet owner, we sought advice from our veterinarian, who diagnosed Cooper with osteoarthritis—a common condition among senior dogs that can significantly impact their quality of life. Specifically, he has severe osteoarthritis in his hips, lower back, and one of his shoulders.

Introducing Librela: A New Hope

Upon our veterinarian's recommendation, we decided to try Librela, a medication specifically designed to manage pain and inflammation associated with osteoarthritis in dogs. Administered as a monthly injection, Librela works by targeting and neutralizing a key mediator of osteoarthritis pain, providing long-lasting relief without the need for daily pills. After the initial consult and all the claims that librela promised- I was sure that this medication would be SUPER expensive... but I am SO HAPPY to report that for Cooper's dosage- it costs us $84 per month!

The Impact on Cooper's Wellbeing

The effects of Librela on Cooper were nothing short of remarkable. Within a few days of starting the treatment, we noticed significant improvements in his mobility and overall demeanor. He seemed more eager to move, less hesitant to jump or climb stairs, and his enthusiasm for playtime returned with a vigor we hadn't seen in years! It has been truly amazing! He was back chewing on all his antlers, yak chews, and even picking up tuggy toys to start a game with us!

Rejuvenating Like a Puppy Again

Now, after four months on Librela, Cooper has truly regained his zest for life. His daily walks are no longer a chore but a source of joy for him. He navigates our home and his hikes with newfound ease and grace, embodying the vitality that reminds us of his more youthful days. Seeing him playfully chase our puppy millie or greet us with a wagging tail has been heartwarming and reassuring—a testament to the efficacy of Librela in managing his osteoarthritis.

Recommendation to Fellow Pet Owners

Reflecting on our experience with Librela, we wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone whose senior dog struggles with osteoarthritis or joint pain. Its ability to provide consistent relief from discomfort has not only improved Cooper's physical health but also lifted his spirits and enhanced his overall wellbeing. As pet owners, witnessing such a positive transformation in our furry companion has been incredibly rewarding and reassuring.

We still limit his daily exercise and make sure that he takes it slow, but its been such a relief to see him want to go for his hikes and join us for car rides- he no longer looks like hes in constant discomfort.

Final Thoughts

Cooper's journey with Librela has taught us the importance of proactive veterinary care and the profound impact that targeted medications can have on our pets' lives. We are grateful to have found a solution that not only manages his condition effectively but also allows him to enjoy his senior years with the vitality of a puppy once again. We can't wait for them to come out with a human version, haha!

If your senior dog is experiencing joint pain or osteoarthritis symptoms, consider discussing Librela with your veterinarian. It could be the key to unlocking a new lease on life for your pup, just as it has for Cooper.

In closing, here's to many more happy and pain-free years ahead for Cooper and all senior dogs who deserve to live their best lives!

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