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Top 5 Questions About Antlers Answered

What are these things?

All natural healthy chews for dogs! They come from naturally shed elk antlers that we find in the Rocky Mountains. The best part about them is that they don't split or splinter like a beef bone so they are safer for your dog to chew. They are also digestible and unprocessed, unlike traditional rawhide chews.

Why do dogs like them?

They smell the marrow in the middle of the antler!

What is the difference between split and whole antlers?

Splits are whole antlers that we have split down the middle exposing the marrow in the middle. Dogs prefer the splits because it gets them right to the good stuff but they don't last as long as a whole elk antler. Splits are great for puppies, seniors, and light chewers. Whole elk antlers are best for heavy chewers who need the challenge!

What size should I get my dog?

When in doubt- go bigger! The main concern with size is to make sure you buy something that is not small enough that your dog thinks they could swallow it. As your dog is chewing, when the antlers gets small enough that your dog might attempt to swallow- its time get a replacement!

We have a handy size guide that has a curated selection of antlers perfect for your dog! You can check it out here.

Some other considerations are that if your dog is an extremely aggressive chewer, size up to make sure you get a good value for your purchase!

How Long Do They Last?

Whole elk antlers last the longest. We recently polled our customers on Instagram and the results showed that 84% of our customers get 8 weeks or longer with a whole elk antler. 3 months is average for most of our customers. For splits, 50% of our customers said they last 4 weeks with 12% indicating that they last 4 weeks or longer. 2-4 weeks is typical for split elk antler dog chews. With splits, dogs will typically hollow out the marrow on the antler and then for some, they will continue chewing the outside and for other dogs, once the marrow is gone the dog is done with the antler.

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