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Split Antlers Vs. Whole Antlers

Which to choose- and why!

Thinking about buying your dog an antler but you're not sure if you should get a split or a whole? You've come to the right place, this guide will help you determine which type would be best for your dog.

Split antlers are whole antlers that we have sawed down the middle which exposes the marrow.

The marrow is non-fatty, unlike bones inside the body. It is made from mostly calcium. When the antlers are growing, the marrow is very vascular and when the antler hardens at the base, these vessels dry up in the marrow and is one of the reasons why antlers are so alluring to your dog.

When To Choose A Split

We will discuss when split antlers make a better choice for your dog and you can click through our different sized split antlers by clicking on the pictures below.

Split antlers are our best sellers because they get the dog right to the good stuff, and are a bit easier to chew. All antler dog chews are long-lasting compared to other products on the market, but splits will not last as long a whole.

Splits are great for puppies, older dogs, and dogs that don't NEED the incredible durability that the wholes can provide.

Most often, dogs will hollow out the marrow and then chew on the outside of the antler.

Splits are also great for dogs that give up easily or are not as 'chew motivated.' Because both the outer shell and inner marrow create a gentle abrasive paste that scrapes off plaque as your dog chews- choosing a split and buying a little more often can pay off in the long run as your dog will stay motivated with the antler and their teeth will be cleaner as a result which will help you avoid expensive vet teeth cleanings.

You should also choose a split if you feel like pampering your hard-chewing dog. The marrow is by far dogs favorite and occasionally getting your dog a split instead of a whole can seem like a real treat to your pup!

When To Choose A Whole

Use the grid below to click through the different sizes of whole antlers

Whole antlers are great for dogs that can chew through anything. Whole antlers will last comparable to nylon bones but instead of ingesting nylon as they chew, they are ingesting small amounts of beneficial minerals as they chew.

You should choose a whole for dogs that ingest or destroy their toys and chews 'too fast' for the value of the product.

Whole antlers are also great for dogs with sensitive stomachs because although antlers are hypoallergenic and non-fatty, they will still ingest the antler more slowly if they have to work through the durable outer shell to get to the marrow.

All in all. wholes are better for dogs who need the challenge!


You really can't go wrong with an antler for your dog, but one type may be better for your dog over the other. If you initially start with a split and your dog loves it and chews through it very fast, then you know that maybe a whole antler would be more appropriate!

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