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How To Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Clean

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

One major concern we hear from dog owners is the amount of plaque that builds up on their dog's teeth. Not being able to manage that plaque is a sure sign of a costly trip to their veterinary office for sedation and teeth cleaning… worse is avoiding the problem all together. This can lead to abscessed teeth and deep set infections. Dogs with long term tooth decay and plaque buildup are more likely to need to have teeth pulled and experience shorter than average life expectancies. Additionally, dogs with more plaque buildup and lack of dental hygiene experience notoriously bad breath.

While plaque maintenance and preventative tooth cleanings are a necessary part of dog ownership… there are natural ways of keeping your dog’s teeth clean, which helps to keep them out of the veterinary office!

Antler dog chews provide an all-natural alternative to keeping your dog’s teeth nice and shiny bright and his breath smelling fresh. This is because they are long-lasting (read: durable even for hard chewers) and made from 100% digestible beneficial minerals.

Because antlers are long lasting, they help to cut down on plaque. As your dog chews, their saliva softens the antler which makes an abrasive paste that polishes the teeth… not unlike the polishing paste that the dental hygienist uses on your teeth! Because they are so durable, your dog must work while they are chewing- this means that they’ll use their back molars which is where plaque typically builds.

Additionally, antlers are 100% digestible and full of beneficial ingredients like calcium, glucosamine, iron, and magnesium. Not only are they long-lasting, but as your dog chews they are ingesting minerals that are essential to their overall health which can keep them active and alert for much longer.

Antlers are delicious to dogs. They will keep your dog’s attention for weeks to months of chewing. All without leaving a stinky gooey mess wherever they chew… everybody is happy!

At Summit Antler Chews, we sell only the highest quality antlers. This ensures that your dog will get the most flavor from their antler and it will last the longest. This is because as antlers sit in the wild (before people pick them up) they start to break down in the weather like sun and rain. Only picking up the freshest antlers ensures that they will last the longest and taste the best!

Check out our selection of antlers to help your dog keep their teeth clean without the chemicals!

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