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How Long Do Elk Antler Dog Chews Last?

This is often the final deciding factor when someone is considering an antler for thier dog. They have tried every other long lasting chew out there and thier dog can get through them all!

Antlers are extrememly long lasting and durable, They are also ultimatly consumable and will be chewed down eventually. I tell people that they last about as long a nylon bone, This gives people a good frame of reference, a dog that could never get through a nylon bone could probably chew the one antler for years, haha! But dogs that do chew nylon bones down will chew down an antler in the same amount of time but as your dog is chewing they are not consuming nylon pastic but instead- beneficial minerals like calcium and magnesium and naturally occuring glucosamine.

Most dogs get a few months out antlers, especially the whole elk antlers! Splits last most dogs a few weeks but often times regular chewing dogs will get a few months out of a split.

Dogs will hollow out the marrow on a split and then start working on the outside. For a whole elk antler dog chew, the dog will chew down both ends towards the middle. Please note it is very important to take the antler away when it is small enough that the biggest dog in your house think they might be able to swallow it!

Tell us below how long antlers last your dog!

How Long Do Antlers Last Your Dog

  • < 2 weeks

  • 2-4 weeks

  • 4-8 weeks

  • 2 months+

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