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Elk Vs. Deer Antler Dog Chews

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

In this post were going to break down the main differences between elk and deer for dog chews.

Deer and elk antlers are similar in how they grow, that they only grow on the males of the species, and that they shed each year in the springtime.

Elk antler is a far superior dog chew because it is larger than deer antlers. The diameter of an elk antler allows for it have much more marrow than deer chews which results in more flavor for your dog.

Most importantly, the thicker pieces of the elk antler is safer for your dog because your dog is less likely to attempt to snap the antler. The problem is that the antler will not snap and your dog might hurt thier teeth. The thicker elk antlers cannot be leveraged the same way by your dog and your dog will inherently chew it more safely.

In summary: We only sell elk because they are safer and more delicious for your dog!

Bull elk standing and buck deer standing. Picture shows the differences between the two kinds of antlers.
Elk vs. deer antlers. what are the similaries and differences between the 2 for antler dog chews?

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