• Liz

Best Christmas Present For Any Dog

Any dog will enjoy the Christmas presents on this list. Heavy chewers, puppies, dogs with specific allergies and diets, senior dogs, big dogs, little dogs, and every other dog in between.

Whoa... that's a big claim... what makes us so sure? We're sure our gift bags make the perfect Christmas present for your dog because they are completely customizable!

We are offering gorgeous hand-tied gift bags with personalized handwritten hangtags. These bags are $5 and everything in them is sold a la carte! Voila! Happy dogs, easy peasy Christmas shopping for Santa!

We sell only the highest quality, all-natural, sustainable, and organic chews and treats. We believe the healthiest and safest dog products are made from single and limited ingredient lean proteins with low fat.

Yak Chews

We source our Himalayan yak chews from a US company that imports the chews straight from a Nepal manufacturer that uses original ancient recipes to make their 100% Himalayan yak chews.

Bully Sticks

Our bully sticks are odor-free... YEP! for real, odor-free! They come from Brazil where the beef is grass-fed instead of grain-fed which is more common in the US cattle industry. This results in leaner, less greasy bully sticks.

They are also immediately drained and refrigerated instead of baking horizontally in the hot sun on corrugated metal sheets, which seals in the stink.

Our bully sticks are then washed in hot water and hung up vertically during the drying process to ensure that all the malodorous contents of the bully stick are thoroughly removed!

They are also continuously checked to make sure they meet quality and safety standards.


Our antlers are all naturally shed elk antlers found in the great Rocky Mountains! This ensures that they are cruelty-free, all-natural, and of the best quality available. We find these antlers on horseback with our shed dog, Cooper.