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Best Christmas Present For Any Dog

Any dog will enjoy the Christmas presents on this list. Heavy chewers, puppies, dogs with specific allergies and diets, senior dogs, big dogs, little dogs, and every other dog in between.

Whoa... that's a big claim... what makes us so sure? We're sure our gift bags make the perfect Christmas present for your dog because they are completely customizable!

We are offering gorgeous hand-tied gift bags with personalized handwritten hangtags. These bags are $5 and everything in them is sold a la carte! Voila! Happy dogs, easy peasy Christmas shopping for Santa!

We sell only the highest quality, all-natural, sustainable, and organic chews and treats. We believe the healthiest and safest dog products are made from single and limited ingredient lean proteins with low fat.

Yak Chews

We source our Himalayan yak chews from a US company that imports the chews straight from a Nepal manufacturer that uses original ancient recipes to make their 100% Himalayan yak chews.

Bully Sticks

Our bully sticks are odor-free... YEP! for real, odor-free! They come from Brazil where the beef is grass-fed instead of grain-fed which is more common in the US cattle industry. This results in leaner, less greasy bully sticks.

They are also immediately drained and refrigerated instead of baking horizontally in the hot sun on corrugated metal sheets, which seals in the stink.

Our bully sticks are then washed in hot water and hung up vertically during the drying process to ensure that all the malodorous contents of the bully stick are thoroughly removed!

They are also continuously checked to make sure they meet quality and safety standards.


Our antlers are all naturally shed elk antlers found in the great Rocky Mountains! This ensures that they are cruelty-free, all-natural, and of the best quality available. We find these antlers on horseback with our shed dog, Cooper.

Antlers make for great dog chews because they do not splinter and are super long-lasting, even for aggressive chewers. Dog love the way they taste and fulfill your dogs natural urge to chew.


Our treat selection is limited to products that we believe in. We sell only the highest quality American made organic and sustainable dog treats from limited and single-ingredient recipes.

Customizable Gift Bags

Our gift bag options meet every requirement and budget. Read below for some tips on how to pick the best products for your gift bag.


Options for your gift bag can be specified based on dog size, from petite through monster, we have the right size for all the dogs on your Christmas list. We recommend you buy size appropriate chews for your dogs. Big dogs need big antlers and little dogs need little antlers, when in doubt move up one size to ensure that the dog chew is big enough for your dog!

For Big Dogs:

  • 12-inch bully sticks- jumbo, thick, or standard

  • Yak chews are great for big dogs

  • Any treat option is great for a big dog

  • Large, Extra-large, Jumbo, or Monster (1lb+) antlers

For Medium Dogs:

  • Yak chews make great long-lasting chews for medium dogs

  • 12-inch standard bully sticks

  • 6-inch standard or thick bully sticks

  • Any treat option is great for medium-sized dogs

  • Medium or large antlers. All of our antlers are sized by weight, the heavier the antler-the longer it will last... don't be scared to move up a size!

For Small and Tiny Dogs:

  • 6-inch standard or thin bully sticks

  • Any treat option is great for small and tiny dogs; some treats will need to be broken up before given to a tiny dog.

  • Small and petite antlers; whole or split. Petites are our tiniest antlers for our tiniest dogs. Please note, if you have one tiny dog and one bigger dog, all antlers present around the bigger dog will need to be a safe size for that bigger dog. Antlers are 100% digestible but still pose a choking hazard if not the appropriate size for your dog.

For more information on the proper size for the dog receiving your gift bag, please visit our Shop by Breed Size page: HERE


We have products that range in price from $3.50 to $37. No matter what your budget, you can build a beautiful gift bag for any dog! Shipping is free on orders $25 and up!


Our gift bags are great Christmas presents for puppies!

For puppies, our top picks for a puppy gift bag are:

  • Bare bites beef liver treats and Piggy Pack pork jerky treats- low fat and high protein. These can be easily broken up and used for training.

  • Split antlers in an appropriate size- splits are much softer than wholes and better for puppy teeth

  • 6 or 12-inch bully sticks- these will last your puppy a long time and can be wrapped in a ziplock in-between chewing sessions.

Senior Dogs

Senior dogs will love our bully sticks and treats but shouldn't have our yak chews and antlers without prior consent from the dog's owner. Antlers and yak chews are extremely durable and better suited for aggressive chewers.

Aggressive Chewers

Our antlers are incredibly well matched for dogs that can chew through all the most durable, impossible to destroy treats and chews on the market. The antlers last comparable to a nylon bone but as your dog chews, they are slowly ingesting minerals like calcium and magnesium as well as glucosamine instead of nylon.

Dogs with Sensitive Stomachs

Lots of dogs have sensitive stomachs. Chewing a new toy or eating a lot of treats can cause stomach upset which can lead to vomiting and diarrhea. The most common causes of stomach upset from eating chews and treats can be narrowed down to two factors.

The first reason a treat or chew causes stomach upset is that it had a high-fat content. For example, femur bones that you can get for your dog from the butcher or grocery store have exposed bone marrow. Bone marrow is made of fat and is too rich for your dog to consume in large quantities. High-fat chews and treats are best limited. Antlers, yak chews, and bully sticks are naturally low in fat and do not cause the same stomach upset as some other chews and bones. All of our treats are lean but also full of protein.

The second most common cause for your dog's upset stomach after chewing or eating treats is that the treat or chew was made from indigestible ingredients (like rawhide) or manufactured with lots of chemicals (like rawhide)... please don't give your dog rawhides! All of our products are all-natural and chemical-free. None of our products include any dyes or preservatives.

All of the treats and chews we sell has been analyzed and deemed to be 'biologically appropriate' for your dog. This means that our treats and chews are as healthy as they are delicious to your dog.


We feel certain that our gift bags are the perfect option for every dog on your nice list, and what dog wouldn't be?!! They are affordable and come wrapped beautifully with a personalized handwritten message. It will be a tie who likes it best- you because it was SO easy or the dog that gets it because everything is so delicious!

Ready to get started ordering yours right now? Click the button below to visit our holiday shop!

Order yours today! Your order will ship without a pricing invoice to your recipients between December 5th and December 18th for a Christmas arrival.

Please email us with any additional questions at

We look forward to making your dog's holiday season merry and bright!

Merry Christmas From The Summit Antler Chews Team!

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