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Are Antlers Good For Dogs With Sensitive Stomachs?

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Owners of dogs with sensitive stomachs face a unique set of issues. They want to give their dog a chew that will make them happy and help keep their teeth clean and healthy. On the other hand, the distress that chews can cause their dog is not worth the joy they get from chewing them. Antlers are unique in that they are extremely long lasting and healthy for your dog as they chew- and easy on their stomachs.

There are quite a few reasons why antlers are great for dogs with sensitive stomachs. The most important reason that antlers make great chews for dogs with sensitive stomachs is that they are a nominal source of protein.

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Sensitivities to foods can develop when dogs are repeatedly given the the same foods in a period of time when they are also given an allergen. So for instance, a dog that is having a reaction to chicken will also develop sensitivities to the protein found in beef. Then in the future, the dog will react poorly to both chicken and beef and can experience a systemic issue like gastro-intestinal distress and nausea... When the allergens are eliminated, the amount of antibodies are reduced and the dog appears to have made a recovery. Because antlers are all natural- the only protein found in them is from elk; which for many dogs has not previously been introduced and will therefore not cause any sort of reaction.

Also, antlers are naturally made from minerals like calcium and iron. Both have a soothing effect on the stomach. In fact, over the counter antacids are made of calcium- so antlers are like a huge tasty Tums for your dog!

Furthermore, antler marrow does not contain fat like the marrow of other bones. Fat can cause stomach distress when eaten in high quantities which makes antlers a better choice for dogs who are sensitive to the amount of fat they eat.

Because antlers are fat-free, made of calcium, and a pure source of protein- they are great chews for dogs with sensitive stomachs. All of this is coupled with the fact that antlers are extremely long lasting, so during any chew session, your dog is only getting a small amount of the digestible all natural ingredients that antlers are made from.

Antlers are great for all dogs because they are all natural, long lasting, and will not splinter. There are no added chemicals, preservatives or dyes in antlers. They last such a long time compared to other chews; they last like a nylon bone but instead of ingesting nylon as they chew, they are consuming calcium, iron, glucosamine, and magnesium. Due to the nature of the antlers they are less likely to splinter than a beef bone and are therefore a safer alternative bone chew.

Summit Antler Chews Antlers are the highest quality antlers available sourced from the USA and found by our dog Cooper or by other shed collectors and their dogs who focus on finding antlers eco-consciously; respecting the wildlife, their habitat, and shed collecting laws. Our antlers are all naturally shed- each year male elk grow and shed a pair of antlers. We find all of our antlers on the ground after they have been shed- meaning that we do not harvest the animal for the purpose of collecting their antlers.

Providing only the highest quality and freshest antlers available allows us to assure you that the ingredients found in antlers- like the protein, calcium, and iron are in a stable state and have not broken down or degraded in any way. This also helps us guarantee that our antlers are less likely to split compared to older antlers that have already begun to degrade and dry-out due to the sun and environment.

Sourcing our own antlers also allows us to provide a product price that is well below market value. Any price comparison at a pet store will show you that per ounce, our antlers are much cheaper and higher quality than our competitors.

As always, please supervise your dog chewing and remove the antler if it poses a choking hazard. Also, we are not veterinary professionals and the information above is not meant to replace the advice of your vet/health care provider. If the information above does not answer your specific questions about your dogs unique health issues please consult your vet for more information.

How to Pick Out An Antler

When buying your dog an antler- make sure you are buying a size appropriate antler. Because antlers are digestible in nature- it is fine if your dog swallows a piece antler but you do not want your dog to be chewing on an antler piece that they could attempt to swallow.

We split our antlers for dogs to get right to the good stuff. The longevity of the antler comes from the outside shell. If your dog has known stomach issues but is a hearty chewer- start with a whole antler to make it harder for them to consume a lot of marrow at one time. If your dog is not a hard chewer- give them a split and limit their chewing session to gauge how well they handle the antler, extending the time with the chews as you observe that they are not having issues with the consumption.

Below are some links to our best sellers but all of our antler sizes whole and split can be found on our website Please feel free to email us with any questions at we look forward to hearing from you!

Extra Large Split

Monster Antler

Small Split

Large Elk


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