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Welcome to Summit Antler Chews!

Each Summit Antler Chew is a cut piece of 100% all naturally shed antler from USA elk that is the perfect dog chew for your dog!

These antler dog chews are all natural and unprocessed with no chemicals, dyes, or preservatives.


Antlers are better than raw or cooked bone, because these chews are more durable and longer lasting to stand up to even the most energetic chewers without splitting or splintering.


Unlike rawhide which is undigestible, these chews are not only 100% digestible, they provide nutrients unparalleled in any manufactured product.


Our 100% all natural antler dog chews provide an odorless, mess free teeth cleaning treat that is sure to delight your dog of any size! 


We are a small business started in the United States. We source only naturally shed antlers from the United States to ensure quality and safety. We can confidently say that no elk, deer, or moose were harvested for the purpose of obtaining antlers. 

Small Business

Summit Antler Chews was started by just 2 people aiming to give customers the same great quality they wanted for their dog and keeps those same values to this day.


We support local and national organizations that aim to protect habitat and resources of deer, elk and moose. We also extend this mission to include conscientious collecting practices to minimize environmental impact of obtaining sheds. 


We are dedicated to helping shelter dogs! We work closely with local organizations donating our time and inventory. You can often find us with an adoptable dog at our popup retail shops! 


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